Rules of Play

By entering Funderzone you have agreed to abide by these rules

  1. All Children must be accompanied by a supervising adult ( over 18 years of age) at all times. ( adults must not use the tube slides) Funderzone can not be held responsible for your children.
  2. remove shoes before entering the play area, socks must be worn at all times it is also recommended that arm and legs are covered
  3. leave spectacles badges and jewellery with parent / guardian before entering the play area. Funderzone will not except responsibility for loss or damage
  4. no food, drink or chewing gum maybe taken into the play area.
  5. No sharp objects or bag (including handbags) maybe taken into the play area, please leave valuable items in your car.  All personal property remains your responsibility and Funderzone will not accept responsibility for loss or damage
  6. Children should use the toilet before entering the play area. Nappies where appropriate and must be worn where necessary
  7. Children who are unwell or recovering from injury should not enter the play area
  8. Aggressive behaviour and foul language will not be tolerated
  9. Only one child at a time may use the slide – the child must use the slide in a sitting position feet first
  10. Groups of children (chains) are not permitted on any of the slides holding hands between lanes on the astra slide is not permitted
  11. Do not enter the slide until the exit is clear
  12. Do not sit on the bottom of slides – leave this area immediately
  13. Only one child at a time may sit on a sky glider (standing is not allowed). Ensure that the guide path is clear before starting. Do not throw the sky Gliders
  14. Children must not ride the blue physio – balls as inflatable bouncers.  Blue physio balls must not be thrown
  15. Toddler area (under 3’s) is for the sole use of parents & infants, please use the height chart at the entrance.  Older children will be asked to leave
  16. Do not dive or throw children into the ball ponds.
  17. Children who are above 150cm may not play
  18. Only food and drink purchased within Funderzone may be consumed on the premises

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